The International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy (ICOLS) features every other year the latest developments in the area of laser spectroscopy and related topics in atomic, moleculear, optical physics and other disciplines.

The conference program consists of single sessions of invited talks and high-profile poster sessions that typically cover a broad range of exciting physics, such as precision tests of fundamental symmetries with atoms and molecules, ultra-fast atomic and molecular dynamics, quantum many-body physics with ultra-cold atoms, mesoscopic and artificial atoms, and quantum information science with trapped ions. The advances will be published in a proceedings book or e-book.

The conference program is typically complemented by a public evening lecture and an afternoon of excursions.

Following a long-established tradition ICOLS takes place at a tranquil and remote location for researchers to discuss the latest developments and applications of laser spectroscopy.

The origin of the conference dates back to 1973 at a time when many of the current topical reseach areas began to emerge from the field of laser spectroscopy.

Previous ICOLS conferences:

# Year Organizers Country
21 2013 D. Budker, H. Haeffner Berkeley, CA, USA
20 2011 W. Ertmer, R. Scholz Aerzen, Germany
19 2009 H. Katori, H. Yoneda, K. Nakagawa, F. Shimizu Kussharo, Hokkaido, Japan
18 2007 L. Hollberg, J. Bergquist, M. Kasevich Telluride, CO, USA
17 2005 E. A. Hinds, A. Ferguson, E. Riis Aviemore, Scotland
16 2003 P. Hannaford, A. Sidorov, H. Bachor, K. Baldwin Palm Cove, QLD, Australia
15 2001 S. Chu, V. Vuletic, A.J. Kerman, Ch. Chin Snowbird, UT, USA
14 1999 R. Blatt et al. Innsbruck, Austria
13 1997 Z.J. Wang, Z.M. Zhang, Y.Z. Wang Hang-Chou Shih, China
12 1995 M. Inguscio, M. Allegrini, A. Sasso Island of Capri, Italy
11 1993 L. Bloomfield, T. Gallagher, D. Larson Hot Springs, VA, USA
10 1991 M. Ducloy, E. Giacobino, G. Camy Font Romeu, France
9 1989 M.S. Feld, J. E. Thomas, A. Mooradian Bretton Woods, NH, USA
8 1987 W. Persson and S. Svanberg Åre, Sweden
7 1985 T.W. Hänsch and Y.R. Shen Hawaii, USA
6 1983 H.P. Weber, W. Luthy Interlaken, Switzerland
5 1981 A.R.W. McKellar, T. Oka, B.P. Stoicheff Alberta, Canada
4 1979 H. Walther, K. W. Rothe Rottach-Egern, Germany
3 1977 J. L. Hall, J. L. Carlsten Grand Teton National Park, WY, USA
2 1975 S. Haroche Megeve, France
1 1973 R. G. Brewer, A. Mooradian Vail, CO, USA

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